Being reliable and dependable are at the forefront of everything we do. If we give you our word, it's as good as done.


All our workforce communicate as effectively with each other as they do with you. Keeping our customers informed is a cornerstone to our success.


We're proud of the fact that out customers come back to us time and time again. After all, there is no point attracting new business if your not looking after those you already work with.



We carry out electrical repairs including lighting and heating systems which are associated with most makes and models of refrigerated display cabinets and cold rooms.

In conjunction with a heater manufacturing company, we have developed a range of bespoke products.

The major benefits as a customer is that we are very competitive in the market against cabinet or specialist suppliers. Our engineers carry heaters as standard van stock which enables us to to resolve the majority of issues on our first visit.

Listed below are examples of the most common refrigerated cabinet repairs and cold room repairs we undertake.

Refrigerated Cabinets

Cold Rooms


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